Welcome to the Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Planner!

As user-friendly as our bathrooms: The Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Planner. Follow the easy, step by step instructions on your monitor and discover the architect within you. Arrange and combine to your heart's content until you have achieved your dream bathroom. If you wish, you can save your bathroom plan and forward it to a Villeroy & Boch partner in your area. He will be happy to advise you and take care of the implementation.

As user-friendly as our bathrooms: The Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Planner

Design your dream bathroom using the Online Bathroom Planner

A beautiful bathroom is your personal well-being oasis, in the comfort of your own four walls. A place to escape from everyday stresses, to relax and recharge your batteries. Enjoy this enhancement of living quality in your own home, whether as part of a new construction or a renovation project. The Online Bathroom Planner allows you to plan and create a virtual view of your dream bathroom in just a few steps. Simply position the unique Villeroy & Boch products over the floor plan of your room to immediately view their effect in your bathroom. Once you have finished, you can send your plans to a local specialist dealer with just a click of your mouse.

Individual planning for large and small bathrooms

A generously proportioned bathroom gives you lots of scope for your design ideas, however stylish products and cleverly designed bathroom furnishings can create a sensational effect even in smaller bathrooms and guest toilets. The Online Bathroom Planner helps you turn your visions into reality in any size of room. Use different views and angles to coordinate individual products to best effect, consult your designs at any time in a clear 3D view and use the individual bathroom planning options to create a very atmospheric setting for you and your guests. The 3D Bathroom Planner supports and accompanies you throughout each step of the process.

Advantages of the Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Planner

An intuitive tool that allows you to easily create a clear floor plan based on the dimensions of your bathroom. The 3D Bathroom Planner considers structural requirements as well. Allowing you to design your dream bathroom freely without having to worry about clearance in front of doors or windows. Toggle between different views at any time, for example a handy top view or front view, to maintain a constant overview of your bathroom design. The 3D view provides a particularly clear depiction of the interaction between your bathroom furnishings and sanitary facilities. A zoom feature also allows you to view the bathroom from different angles, as well as giving you an impression of how the bathroom will look when you step into it.

Perfect combination of Bathroom Inspirator and Bathroom Planner

Are you still looking for design ideas for your dream bathroom? Find inspiration and explore a wide selection of design options with the Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Inspirator. Have fun endlessly mixing and matching products, colours and shapes to find your very own personal style. You can then use our 3D Bathroom Planner to create a detailed view of your plans based on the dimensions of your bathroom. Simply choose your favourite design from the Bathroom Inspirator or one of the many other stylish Villeroy & Boch collections. The Bathroom Planner will then help you to quickly and easily turn your very own dream bathroom well-being experience into reality. We wish you every success with your bathroom planning!