Bathroom furniture from Villeroy&Boch

A beautiful way to make the best use of space

Turn your dream bathroom into a reality with bathroom furniture from Villeroy & Boch and transform your bathroom into your very own sanctuary full of luxurious comfort, which will make your first and last visit of the day special. Exquisite bathroom furniture – ranging from vanity units to versatile shelf and cabinet modules, to mirror cabinets – blend in beautifully with the ceramic products in the bathroom to create a harmonious unity. Soft, curved shapes with sophisticated details symbolising pure temptation or a clear design that strips down the bathroom furniture to the bare essentials: choose bathroom furniture from a wealth of shapes and colours to suit your style – modern and urban, classic or a cosy spa. The multifaceted Villeroy & Boch collections give you the freedom to create a functional retreat in line with your vision of comfort and aesthetics. Concealed behind the stylish designs and attractive décors are sophisticated storage concepts that provide plenty of space for all your bathroom paraphernalia. Moreover, you will find solutions for a wide range of layouts in our bathroom collections – be it single items or a complete bathroom, for a small guest bathroom or a luxurious spa. Discover the multidimensional nature of bathrooms with Villeroy & Boch.

Bathroom furniture for your private retreat

The look

The multifaceted bathroom collections from Villeroy & Boch present diverse options available for designing a bathroom – which style suits your vision of a dream bathroom? Do you prefer natural materials in a country house style that help you relax while in harmony with nature, or a straight-lined, minimalist interior style, which leaves you more room for the bare essentials? Or is your bathroom your sanctuary, a place that transports you to another world where the delicately crafted bathroom furniture with playful details invites you to daydream? Just like the bathroom ceramics, the interior is an expressive design element in the bathroom where you can reveal your personality. One good reason not to compromise on bathroom design, but instead to create a luxury bathroom with a look that suits you and where you can feel completely at home. The bathroom furniture range from Villeroy & Boch lets you add a personal touch to a functional room by introducing various styles. When designing your bathroom, you benefit from practically endless options and combinations – yet your bathroom furniture will ultimately complement your shower tray and bath beautifully, creating a perfectly coordinated setting where you can relax and unwind. Wood or glass: the different materials used to make bathroom furniture have different effects on the room. Shelf and cabinet modules with a warm wood look create a cosy atmosphere, whereas glass furnishings radiate a special elegance. In addition to the design, décor and colour, the bathroom furniture material is another factor that influences the look of the furniture.


The room: the possibilities are endless

You will find vanity units, bathroom cabinets and mirror cabinets for even the smallest of rooms in our product range

Vanity units for washbasins

The washing area is at the heart of your bathroom – a function that should also be reflected in your bathroom furniture. Base units are the perfect foundation for Villeroy & Boch washbasins, creating a harmonious entity through the combination of exquisite design with stylish bathroom ceramics. Moreover, bathroom textiles and other paraphernalia are stored within easy reach of the washbasin so that your essentials are close at hand when you need them.

Vanity units

Cabinet and shelf modules

The beautifully shaped bathroom cabinets from Villeroy & Boch are the perfect addition to the base unit and bathroom mirror. Select a side or tall cabinet that suits the layout of your bathroom or hang free-floating shelves with an exclusive design. A tall cabinet is a functional space-saving sensation. Its drawers, shelves and compartments hold plenty of storage space for all the things you need for your feel-good rituals without taking up a lot of floor space.

Bathroom cabinets

Mirrors and mirror cabinets

You need a bathroom mirror in the bathroom to take that all-important last look before leaving the house. The stylish yet functional mirrors and mirror cabinets from Villeroy & Boch will add a sparkle to your feel-good oasis. And they won’t fog up thanks to the optional heating function.

Bathroom mirrors

Quality: choose durability

Your daily hygiene and care rituals subject your bathroom furniture to extreme stress. Moisture and temperature fluctuations are hard on the shelf and cabinet modules. But Villeroy & Boch won’t let you compromise on quality and durability for your dream bathroom. Thanks to high craftsmanship, excellent materials merge into expressive designs in your stylish bathroom interior where you will be able to enjoy many years of indulgent moments.

Find the right bathroom furniture for your home

Eliminating the superfluous, yet characterised by a refreshing lightness – the bathroom furniture from the Memento 2.0 collection leaves you plenty of room to express your personality. Bring pure sensuality to a bathroom that radiates warmth and comfort with the Aveo collection and bathroom furniture dominated by clear, oval shapes – perfect for unwinding after an eventful day. What style would you like for your dream bathroom? Using the Villeroy & Boch bathroom planner, you can try out all the bathroom furniture from different collections with various shapes, sizes and décors until you have found the interior that you always envisioned for your dream bathroom. Find inspiration.