Round baths from Villeroy & Boch

Simply “well-rounded”.

A round bath can be installed in the middle of the room or in a corner, both spots will provide a unique bathing experience. Round baths from Villeroy & Boch combine classic elegance with a clear design, transforming any bathroom into a spa retreat focused on well-being.

Round baths – perfect for two

Round baths may be eye-catching, but they are also very cosy and comfortable. The ergonomic seating area provides maximum comfort and stability. Essential for enjoying a relaxing and soothing soak.

Fitting and installation

A large, round bath can be placed anywhere in the room, and can blend just as seamlessly in a corner while saving space. You could add an elegant look to your bathroom by having the bath sunk into the floor or built onto a platform, but then with matching panelling, for instance made from teak. A round bath, when installed like a classic corner bath, looks smaller in the room, therefore providing a space-saving solution for small bathrooms. 

Quaryl®, the best material for round baths

Clear, flowing shapes, precise lines and edges: round baths demand high standards, which can only be fulfilled by materials of equally high quality. This is why we use Quaryl® for our round baths – an innovative material developed by Villeroy & Boch, which consists of 60% of the finest ground quartz crystals and high-quality sanitary acrylic. Quaryl® is not only very resistant, smooth and non-porous, but it is also pleasant to the touch and has good thermal insulation. Moreover, baths made from Quaryl® are very easy to clean and will keep their elegant shine for many years to come.

Luxury for your very own spa

It goes without saying that you can add optional accessories to your Villeroy & Boch round bath to match your needs. You could upgrade your bath and turn it into a hot tub bath so you can enjoy your very own spa retreat at home! 

Well-rounded: Whirlpool systems

Set the stage with TouchLight

The innovative whirlpool systems from Villeroy & Boch will turn your round bath into a hot tub where water and air can simply massage away all your tension. Choose between air jets, water jets or a combination of both methods. The water jets are also available as Invisible Jets, which are fitted flush with the surface of the bath and make an appearance only when activated. It not only looks impressive, but also makes it easier to clean the jets. 

The TouchLight system from Villeroy & Boch can be fitted into all baths without a hot tub function. The LED lights are waterproof and available in a choice of white or multi-coloured alternating lights. And all it takes is one hand motion in front of the lights to operate it. Enjoy the pleasant glow of indirect lighting while taking a relaxing bath and recharging your batteries.