Free-standing bidets

Perfect, feel-good aesthetics.

Venticello bidet from Villeroy & Boch

There is nothing better than clear, warm water to clean the intimate area after going to the toilet. A floor-standing bidet adds the finishing touch to your bathroom fittings, so you can enjoy that luxurious feeling of cleanliness and freshness day after day.

The modern floor-standing bidets from Villeroy & Boch are not only stylish and comfortable, but also very low maintenance thanks to the innovative surface coating. Water simply rolls off the refined ceramic surface, making it difficult for limescale, dust and dirt to accumulate (lotus effect). This way your bidet will remain as smooth, shiny and hygienic as it was on day one for many years to come. To clean, simply use a soft cloth, water and a mild bathroom cleaner.

Why choose a floor-standing bidet?

There are several reasons for installing a floor-standing bidet. These three are the most important: 

No installation system needed for floor-standing bidets

Unlike wall-mounted bidets, floor-standing bidets do not need an installation system. This can benefit small bathrooms where the layout cannot be divided into additional niches or projections. Or when a floor-standing toilet or other sanitary ware has been planned or already installed without an installation system on the relevant wall.

Subway bidet from Villeroy & Boch
Venticello bidet from Villeroy & Boch

Floor-standing bidets provide maximum safety

A floor-standing bidet is often the only choice for people who demand maximum safety and comfort standards in the bathroom. The stable base also makes this bidet version perfect for tall or heavy people. A bidet mounted properly on the wall with an installation system also provides sufficient load-nearing capacity for any body weight, but many users still prefer the “base model” as it makes them feel safer. It is also worth considering this aspect when designing a guest bathroom or toilet. Primarily because a classic floor-standing bidet can be used by people with completely different safety requirements – including guests who maybe aren’t too keen on taking a seat on a hanging construction.

Raised bidets for comfortable, joint-friendly use

A raised floor-standing bidet is perfect for taller or long-legged people, senior citizens and anyone with mobility restrictions or a disability. In this case, the seat height is 50 cm or more – instead of the usual 40 cm for bidets with a standard height. An accessible or disabled-friendly bathroom should also have sturdy, ergonomic handles mounted on the wall. There should also be plenty of clear space around the bidet to ensure maximum manoeuvrability for all users.

Subway bidet from Villeroy & Boch

The bidet should match the toilet

Bidets are available in different sizes and designs. But as they are usually installed next to the toilet, they should also have the same look. A floor-standing bidet often looks steadier and more inviting when placed next to a toilet with a base. And because the functions and aesthetics of both go hand in hand, the colour and model of the bidet should also match the toilet. If you want to create a harmonious look when redesigning or revamping your bathroom, then we recommend choosing a toilet and bidet from the same model range.

The bidet should match the bathroom style

Venticello bathroom from Villeroy & Boch

If you prefer bathroom fittings in a country/rustic, classic, traditional or cosy style, then a floor-standing bidet is probably the best choice for you. The design with a base has the original shape of the bidet that was invented in France more than three hundred years ago. Incidentally, the name “bidet” is derived from the old French word for “small horse”; another expression common in the past was also “toilette intime”.

Floor-standing bidets – installation and connections

Floor-standing bidets may look similar to toilets, but they are in fact washbasins. Installation accessories for floor-standing bidets consist of the appropriate fastening set, an outlet siphon (bidet u-bend, possibly with an extension), the bidet taps and the outlet and overflow fittings. The bidet is connected to the building’s pipes for hot and cold water via two angle valves. The floor-standing bidet connections are available in the standard sizes of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.

Venticello from Villeroy & Boch

Modern floor-standing bidets from Villeroy & Boch can be fitted with either single-hole or triple-hole taps. The bidets always have a middle tap hole: two more holes can be added for separate taps, if desired.

How to use a floor-standing bidet

As mentioned at the beginning, a bidet is used to clean the intimate area after using the toilet. However, you should avoid flushing toilet paper down the bidet due to the narrow diameter of the outlet. You can also choose your sitting position. Many like to sit “backwards” on a bidet, as you would on a toilet. Others prefer to sit “forwards”, i.e. facing the taps and wall. 

Incidentally, bidets are also traditionally used to clean feet.