Bathroom furniture from Villeroy & Boch

More storage space for your bathroom

Furniture is an essential design element in a bathroom. Beautiful furniture adds character to a bathroom and provides vital storage space for bathroom utensils of all sizes. You can find a wide selection of bathroom furniture at Villeroy & Boch, from vanity units to illuminated mirror cabinets. All ranges are available in colours, shapes and designs coordinating with your personal style.

Browse our wide range and find the perfect furniture for your dream bathroom.

New bathroom furniture products

Villeroy & Boch always has something new to offer. Find inspiration in our diverse range of bathroom furniture.


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Vanity units for vanity washbasins

Our vanity units are miracle space makers. Find storage for all your essential items directly under the washbasin.


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Bathroom furniture with lighting

Set the perfect atmosphere in your bathroom with a cabinet with an LED light.


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Single-colour furniture

A clear single-colour look coordinates with a wide variety of bathroom styles.

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Wood-look bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture with a warm wood look adds a feeling of natural and homely charm to a bathroom.

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More bathroom furniture

Villeroy & Boch offers a range of functional bathroom furniture to meet every need, from side cabinets to tall cabinets and units on castors.

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Top sellers

You can find our most popular bathroom furniture here.



For centuries, Villeroy & Boch has been synonymous with a clever combination of innovation and tradition.


Lighting concept

Villeroy & Boch offers an innovative and integrated lighting concept for your bathroom. Transform your bathroom into a true oasis of well-being, with individually dimmable direct and indirect LED lights for mirrors, cabinets and shelves.


Wireless smartphone charging station

Charge your mobile phone conveniently with an inductive wireless charging station. A safe and fast solution for charging batteries in the bathroom.



Our Push-to-Open system is a new, handle-free solution for cabinets and drawers. Simply push to open or close.


XXL height

Our XXL bathroom cabinets are miracle storage space makers. They are available with a 1/3-to-2/3 division. Large bottles such as lotions and cleaning products can be stored in the bottom section with small bathroom utensils above.

Why Villeroy & Boch?

Villeroy & Boch: top quality, maximum comfort and modern design.


Villeroy & Boch stands for top quality. Carefully selected materials, premium design and cutting-edge technologies come together with expert craftsmanship to create a product tailored to your wishes.

Wide variety of materials and colours

Choose from our diverse selection of bathroom furniture in different colours and materials. A clear single-colour look will create a modern, urban feel in your bathroom. Or if you prefer a cosier effect, choose cabinets in a warm wood-look.

Wide variety of combinations

Our diverse range of bathroom furniture opens up extensive scope for mixing and matching in different combinations. So you can coordinate your washbasin to suit your bathroom furniture and personal style.

Made in Germany/Austria

Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture is made in the company’s own production facilities in Germany and Austria. A guarantee for lasting high quality.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our bathroom furniture here. If you can't find the answer to your question, then please use the contact form and direct your query straight to us or a local dealer.

Do I need a bathroom cabinet for a surface-mounted washbasin?

Unlike conventional washbasins, surface-mounted washbasins cannot be screwed into the bathroom wall. A surface-mounted washbasin therefore needs a vanity unit or countertop.

What materials is the furniture made from?

Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture is made from various materials. From solid wood to real wood veneers, laminate, direct lamination, glass and varnish or marble - we take great care in selecting natural and environmentally friendly raw materials.

What does Express Delivery mean?

Express Delivery is available for certain products which are kept permanently in stock for immediate shipping from the warehouse.

Which washbasins are suitable for bathroom furniture?

Surface-mounted washbasins and vanity washbasins can be combined with our bathroom furniture which also provides additional storage space above and below.

Which opening options are available?

Our bathroom furniture can be opened using fitted or integrated handles. Or Push-to-Open technology eliminates the need for handles.

How can I tell whether my vanity unit will fit the vanity washbasin?

The sizes of vanity unit are based on the dimensions of our vanity washbasins. So you can be sure that everything will fit together perfectly.

At which height should Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture be installed?

We recommend an installation height of 900 mm WB upper edge. For more details, consult the installation instructions. Bathroom furniture should be installed by an authorised professional and according to the specifications in the enclosed installation instructions and using the mounting hardware supplied.

Can I make claims under guarantee?

The statutory guarantee period of two years applies to all Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture.

Where can I buy the bathroom furniture?

You can buy our bathroom furniture from different dealers. Use the dealer finder to find a retailer near you.

Where can I find price information for the products?

Contact your dealer for price queries.

Care instructions

Follow our cleaning and care tips to ensure lasting enjoyment of your Villeroy & Boch bathroom furniture.

Cleaning wood furniture

Do not leave the surfaces of our bathroom furniture covered in pools of water or exposed to moisture for prolonged periods. Wipe dry with a cloth.  All surfaces have limited UV resistance. Constant exposure to UV radiation may result in discolouration. Make sure that bathroom furniture does not come into direct contact with harsh chemicals such as hair dyes, descaling agents, nail varnish removers, perfumes, etc. Do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaning products, or products containing solvents, and always wipe surfaces dry to protect them. If you use a cleaning product, check the label and test it in a concealed area before using it for the first time.

Cleaning special surfaces

Once again, do not use any abrasive or acidic cleaning products, or products containing solvents or fats, and dry the surfaces carefully, removing any residue.

  • Wipe bathroom furniture gently using a soft clean cloth, lukewarm water and a mild household cleaning product (e.g. diluted washing-up liquid) 
  • Wipe mirrored surfaces with a chamois and lukewarm water 
  • Wipe leather and synthetic leather using a microfibre cloth and lukewarm water
  • Wipe metal surfaces using a soft cloth, lukewarm water and a mild household cleaning product (e.g. diluted washing-up liquid)
  • Switch electrical components off before cleaning using a dry cloth - clean stainless steel components using a microfibre cloth and a non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner. Spray the product onto the cloth and wipe the item
  • Natural stone tiles have a waterproof surface finish and can be cleaned in the same way as furniture. Please read the separate instructions with additional information on cleaning  marble slabs.
  • Artificial stone countertops can be buffed up using polish (e.g. car polish).
  • Clean flocking using a soft brush and household cleaner.