My View Now

The mirror cabinet with the perfect storage, light and design.

My View Now has perfected all the features that are important for a mirror cabinet. This all-round talent was improved in every way possible and designed for optimum performance: Height-adjustable shelves make the most of the available storage space. The all-round LED light strip provides the perfect lighting for any situation. And the space-saving integrated power outlets ensure your toothbrush and shaver are always charged. My View Now brightens up daily bathroom routines with all these and more intelligent solutions.

Maximum storage space.

My View Now reflects the entire expertise, experience and innovative strength expected of Villeroy & Boch. All features have been designed to perfection.

  The height-adjustable, unbreakable and easy-to-clean shelves provide more space for your everyday utensils. A raised edge prevents bathroom utensils from falling out. 

Light for any situation

The light strip all around the mirrored area provides the perfect and practically even illumination of your face from all sides. Be it the perfect light for styling or a pleasant light source during a relaxing soak – My View Now always produces the right mood lighting for any situation thanks to the adjustable light temperature and level. Incidentally, the LED strip can be replaced.

The light can be simply controlled from the outside using the sensor switch. The sensor switch makes it easy to turn the light on and off as well as adjust the colour of the light (from daylight white to warm white) and the brightness. 


The lights run into the inside and provide all-round perfect illumination even when the doors are open.

A light strip perfectly illuminates your washbasin as well.

Power when and where it is needed

Two power outlets integrated in a space-saving way in the inside of the mirror cabinet ensure your electric toothbrush and shaver are always charged. 

An additional external power outlet provides the surface-mounted version with power for other devices.

Double-sided mirrored doors for the perfect all-round view

The double-sided mirrored doors enable a view from all sides and make styling easier.


The side walls on the surface-mounted version are also fitted with mirrors. The effect: the entire mirror cabinet is neutral-coloured and blends perfectly into its environment.

Clever details

Accessories include a magnetic strip and moveable storage dish to keep things tidy in the cabinet. 


The 3-fold magnifying mirror features custom positioning, which is not only a great help when putting on make-up. 

Delicate handles

The attached handles allow for easy opening of the mirrored door without leaving fingerprints.

Optional smart features

The Zigbee Home Automation standard enables the mirror cabinet to be connected to all hubs/gateways that use this transmission standard. This includes Philips Hue Bridge, Amazon Echo Show and Echo Plus (2nd generation).