Light in the bathroom

How to get your bathroom to shine

Light in the bathroom - More to see 14, Venticello

Light and brightness have a significant impact on our mood and on how we feel - people's natural daily rhythms have always been influenced by light and darkness. Creatively harnessing the properties of light in the bathroom can produce a wide variety of effects. 

Completely natural - daylight

Daylight in the bathroom is vital to many people, as natural light sources support our biological rhythms and are generally seen as invigorating. Bathrooms incorporating natural sources of daylight are also very popular, since they can be easily ventilated through a window. However, windowless bathrooms are very common, particularly in rental apartments, and even bathrooms with windows need some form of artificial light during the evening and on overcast days. 

Light in the bathroom - My View 14
Light in the bathroom - My View 14, Venticello

A sophisticated lighting concept for the bathroom

Warm light and cold light - what is the actual impact of light colour temperature? Warm light has a yellow tone, with a colour temperature below 3300 Kelvin. We therefore find this type of muted light to be cosy and comfortable. The colour temperature Neutral White is perceived as the typical artificial light temperature and creates a clinical effect. Only colour temperatures higher than 5500 Kelvin produce Daylight White - a colour temperature comparable to daylight with a stimulating effect. Knowing this makes it easier to find the proper lighting for various situations.

Natural lighting is vital for good styling and for applying cosmetics. Bathroom mirrors and mirror cabinets usually have some form of daylight lighting, to provide light as close to natural daylight as possible. Make sure that the lighting uses energy-saving LED technology. Depending on the mirror, the lighting can be placed above the mirror or vertically in the doors of a mirrored cabinet. Mirrored cabinets can also have individually regulated light sources. Some Villeroy & Boch models provide three-phase dimming so that the light colour temperature can be adjusted to the situation. The dimmer can be used to create daylight colour temperatures for hair styling or applying cosmetics. The colour temperature can then be lowered to create a soft, warm light. 

Atmospheric - coloured lighting

Not only the light colour temperature, but also the colour itself can be used to create atmospheric effects in your bathroom. Simple track lighting can be used for personalised lighting in your bathroom. Yellow is encouraging and stimulating. Orange stands for happiness and warmth. Green light has a calming and healing influence. The colour blue is used for relaxation and refreshment, which can be combined with warm colour temperatures to create a heavenly wellness experience. 

Every bathroom needs a well-designed and pleasant lighting concept. Lighting needs to be taken into consideration when designing the bathroom. Talk to your local specialist retailer for support and advice when planning your bathroom lighting. 

Light in the bathroom - More to see 14, Venticello

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