Bathroom design

Unique ideas for your well-being oasis

A tastefully designed bathroom will add your own personal stamp to your home and create a perfect space for relaxation. To help you design your dream bathroom, we have compiled some helpful information, tips and suggestions for you here. Find inspiration with beautifully crafted ceramic products, high-quality materials, impressive colour concepts and innovative developments. As well as high aesthetic requirements, practical issues are also an important consideration. Villeroy & Boch provides the perfect solution for both your style preferences and requirements in relation to functionality and comfort. 

Unlimited options for your bathroom design

From building a new home to extensive conversion or renovation projects - there can be many different reasons for the decision to design a new bathroom. Before you get started, you should, however, take some time to consider some key questions to help you define your personal requirements - for example, what are your favourite colours, which materials appeal to you and what is your preferred interior design style? Will your design concept feature a shower and bathtub or just one of these options? How much storage space do you need and what technical features will add the perfect finishing touches to your bathroom design?

Trends for your bathroom

Creative colours and distinctive materials for bathroom design

Colours have a significant influence on the human psyche. They evoke emotions and affect our mood. We can take advantage of these effects in bathroom design. 

Red hues, for example, stand for passion and energy. Orange conveys zest for life and helps to lift your mood, while green and blue create a harmonious and calming effect. Yellow creates a cheerful feel, while brown shades help to “ground” you after a stressful day.

For colour in your bathroom

Your own favourite colour is another important consideration when it comes to personal well-being. Villeroy & Boch allows you to harness the power of colour to create specific effects in your bathroom design. Furniture from collections such as Finion and Avento or ceramic products from the Loop & Friends, Artis or La Belle collections are ideal for adding colourful highlights.

Our colour products at a glance

Our wide range of high-quality wall and floor tiles also provides great scope to transform your personal visions into reality. Attractive colour concepts and different materials open up a wide range of design options. Discover, for example, the multi-faceted colour spectrum of the world of nature, conveyed impressively in the vilbostone stoneware tiles from the Tucson collection. For a pleasant interior climate, you can add some lush green houseplants to your little wellness oasis.

The perfect tiles for you 

Bathtub or shower? - Ideally both!

After a demanding day, the restorative and cleansing effects of a bath provide ultimate relaxation for all the senses. And when it comes to design, we can offer you a whole world of variety. Choose from a selection of stylish rectangular, oval or round shapes. A corner bath or a freestanding model both make ideal luxurious highlights in a modern spa bathroom.

Bathroom planning tailored to your needs

Selected extra features, such as an integrated whirlpool tub system or the ViFlow+ electronic outlet, also create the perfect setting for relaxation and much-needed comfort. However, a refreshing shower also has a wide range of advantages and is a wonderful way to simply let the stress of the day flow away. Why not consider a flush-fitting version, level with the floor, or a shower tray tailored specifically to your individual space?

Our product world at a glance

Stylish individuality - unique bathroom design

Interior design is about more than purely aesthetic effects. It also conveys an attitude to life. For example, the almost aristocratic elegance of the classic style reflects orderly sophistication. Continuously reinterpreted, these shapes from distant eras will never go out of fashion. The urban metropolitan style offers a complete contrast. In this case, luxury is created by concentration on the essentials, resulting in strikingly minimalist aesthetics. Perfectly coordinating components come together seemingly randomly to create a harmonious effect and with an impressive presence that will make your bathroom a unique space.

Discover our style worlds

The more relaxed look of the country style creates a playfully romantic effect. Inspired by organic shapes from the world of nature, the individual elements come together in perfect harmony. Warm colours and real wood veneers will transform your bathroom into a haven of peace for daily moments of serenity and well-being. Our Style Finder will help you to easily find out which style and collection are best suited to your requirements. Our Inspirator also opens up great scope for creative experimentation and combinations.

Find your style with the Style Finder 

Elegantly crafted ceramic products - bathroom design classics

Transforming your bathroom into an attractive little oasis of well-being requires a wide range of components taking on both stylish and functional roles. You use your washbasin many times each day, which means that requirements for this essential element are particularly high. Would you prefer a surface-mounted or undercounter washbasin? Vanity or built-in washbasin? Round, oval or square? The decision is entirely yours! Find inspiration with our wide range of options. Our collection pages and brochures present tasteful combinations and the latest trends, such as the Octagon masterpiece, made from high-quality TitanCeram.

Bathroom ceramics that impress

Villeroy & Boch toilets also impress with perfectly crafted designs and outstanding comfort. The innovative rimless DirectFlush models are particularly hygienic and water-saving solutions. If space allows, you can also include a bidet in your bathroom design. Coordinating harmoniously with the toilet, these beautifully crafted design pieces from Villeroy & Boch will create a stylish look in any bathroom. To allow easier and more efficient cleaning and care of ceramic surfaces, you can also opt for a CeramicPlus finish.

View our bidets and toilets CeramicPlus - surface finish

Bathroom design with stylish furniture

Storage space is an important consideration in any bathroom. Your actual requirements will be determined to a great extent by your personal living situation. High-quality Villeroy & Boch cupboard elements offer elegant storage solutions for towels, toiletries and many other items that are useful to keep within easy reach.

As well as shelves, side and tall cabinets, vanity units are another stylish storage option. The different surfaces of the individual collections add a distinctive touch to the atmosphere with glamorous, minimalist or natural looks. For example, the real wood veneers of the Antheus collection create an eye-catching effect, while Avento impresses with the brilliant shine of acrylic glass. Villeroy & Boch mirror cabinets are a particularly practical highlight. Featuring innovative lighting technology and a wide range of extra features, such as a magnifying mirror, magnetic strip and intelligent rail system, products such as My View 14 set completely new standards.

My View 14 Antheus Avento

Progressive bathroom design - a perfect symbiosis of design and technology