A cosy style

The bathroom as a haven of well-being

Cosiness not only includes comfort and ease, but also the intentional elimination of the superfluous. Well-being and inner peace can only move in when clarity and order dominate the setting. Therefore, a bathroom with a cosy design should always have plenty of storage space where you can tidily stow all of your essentials. Charming designs and ceramics with flowing lines also contribute to a feel-good atmosphere.

Individuality plays a key role in creating a very personal feeling of cosiness as well. If you want to feel at home in your small retreat, then make sure that the design concept reflects your taste. It could be as simple as adding a few splashes of colour, pictures or selected accessories. Fill a beautiful wood shelf with some towels in your favourite colour or bring charming vitality to your bathroom with a few pretty green plants. A stylish shower back panel is also an impressive way to demonstrate your style.

An environment dominated by warm shades will make you feel safe and secure. Soft brown or beige wall and floor tiles have a calming effect, radiating a charming flair without drawing attention to themselves. Natural materials also create a cosy atmosphere. Bathroom furniture with high-quality real wood veneers brings a piece of nature into your own home.

Light has an impressive influence on the human psyche. To create a cosy atmosphere, you not only need a design concept packed with harmony, but also the right mood light to match. An orange light is the epitome of cosiness and relaxation and it will also brighten everybody’s day. Candlelight creates a special atmosphere – and combined with a long soak, it is the perfect way to end a stressful day.