A bathroom with an inclined roof

Clever use of sloped ceilings in the bathroom

Cosy - comfortable - romantic: sloped ceilings provide a pleasant, warm atmosphere. They are also a real challenge when it comes to setting up your bathroom. Find out how, by using the right layout, you can make the most effective use of the sloped ceiling in your bathroom

Make clever use of space under sloping ceilings

Baths are well-suited for installation under the slope. No other space is needed other than for getting into and out of the bath. Corner baths and rounded models look great underneath the sloped ceiling. Pure romance: large skylights mean that you can take a bath beneath the stars.

Can you absolutely not go without a shower? Even a bathroom with a sloped ceiling can have a comfortable shower. Position the shower beneath the slope and discover that you can shower comfortably there too! For that little bit of luxury, add a customised home sauna or infra-red cabin under the sloped roof, positioned so that the space can still be used to its full potential

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A bathroom with a sloped ceiling requires a clever design

The layouts for bathrooms under sloped ceilings require clever solutions, as the sloped walls impose limits as to what can be placed on them. Nevertheless, the space beneath the slope is not lost, as it is ideal for creating additional storage space. If the slope almost reaches the floor, a hollow space can be created using a false wall. Once doors and shelving have been installed, this will act as a concealed storage space. Pipes and drains can also be easily concealed behind the false wall.

Planning tips

Make small spaces look bigger

When designing your bathroom with a sloped ceiling, use the tips for furnishing small bathrooms, as the slope limits the space both visually and physically. Calculation of the actual room height can be carried out using the second calculation method, which excludes all parts of the room under 1 metre in height, and all parts of the room with heights of between 1 and 2 metres are counted as half. Use bright colours in your design and also use colourful accents to make your bathroom appear more lively. Large tiles, sufficient mirrors as well as clever lighting will make the room seem larger and will create visual depth.

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