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Bath Offset


Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths
Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths
Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths
Product illustration similar
Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths
Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths
Subway Bath, Baths, Space-saving baths

Bath Offset


1700 x 800 mm Offset UBA178SUB3REV

Colour: White Alpin
White Alpin
White Alpin


Star White
Star White
Star White



  • High-quality bath series with a simple, modern design
  • Compact construction and tapering bathtub shape – ideal space-saving baths
  • Single bathtub with side waste outlet
  • Made from warm, skin-friendly acrylic for sanitary applications
  • Optional grab bar attached to the tub rim
  • Optional: Multiplex Trio integrated waste and overflow
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Product description

Subway from Villeroy & Boch


Subway - A simple aesthetic statement.

Villeroy & Boch’s Subway series is the perfect solution for every bathroom. The bathtubs are available in a wide selection of shapes to allow easy, space-saving installation in any bathroom. The acrylic tubs look equally stylish in a main or guest bathroom.

  • Simple bathtub design for modern households – perfect for style-conscious individuals
  • Available in a wide selection of shapes to allow easy installation in any bathroom
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Subway from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Subway

Product type

Space-saving bathtubs – An intelligent solution

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean you need to miss out on the relaxing comfort of a luxurious bubble bath. Villeroy & Boch’s space-saving bathtubs are an ideal choice for restricted spaces, for example, in guest bathrooms. The corner baths or shower-baths feature a classically beautiful design, lend themselves ideally to different scenarios and offer far more comfort than conventional shower cabinets.

  • Maximum comfort in a small space – flexible options for showering or bathing
  • An exclusive wellness oasis in a limited space
  • Ideal for small bathrooms or guest bathrooms
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Libra from Villeroy & Boch llustration: Libra

Product feature

Single bathtub

Villeroy & Boch's high-quality single bathtubs are real oases of relaxation. The tubs coordinate perfectly with other bathroom furniture and are fitted with a side waste outlet. They feature the usual high-quality Villeroy & Boch craftsmanship – for an obstacle free bath experience.

  • Save-saving design, ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • Waste outlet on the side of the bathtub
  • The ideal bath for relaxing
Acryl from Villeroy & Boch


45 years of acrylic expertise

Villeroy & Boch offers a wide selection of high-quality sanitary acrylic products. Since 1748, the traditional family business has stood for innovative strength and design expertise combined with stringent quality standards. Acrylic offers a wide range of advantages for bathroom and sanitary applications. It can be used for both shower trays and bathtubs and impresses with its easy cleaning and pleasantly warm texture.

  • Smooth non-slip material for a secure grip in the bath
  • Sealed acrylic is ideal for easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Colour-fast material – lasting sheen with professional acrylic
  • Highly resistant to impacts, falling objects and scratches
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Optional features

Optional grab handle on the rim

Optional accessory

Optional grab handle

Bath handles provide extra safety when getting into or stepping out of the tub.

  • High-quality, resistant bath handles made from brass with chrome
  • Bath grips provide assistance in the bathroom for people of all ages
  • Grab bars offer support when sitting down or standing up from a seated bath
  • Added safety in the bathroom
Multiplex-Trio - Outlet and overflow fitting with water inlet from Villeroy & Boch

Optional accessory

Multiplex Trio – Waste and overflow fitting with water inlet

Available for all collections, the Multiplex Trio accessory offers a clever combination of waste and overflow. This functional feature for shower baths and bathtubs is an innovative development in waste systems. The set can be combined with many of Villeroy & Boch’s most popular bath series.

  • Supplied as a complete installation kit
  • Practical supply of water through the waste fitting for fast filling of the bath
  • Odour seal integrated in the system

Technical information

Collection Subway
Width 800 mm
Depth 450 mm
Length 1700 mm
Weight 21 kg
Product designation Bath

right. Litres incl. 1 pers: 130. Not included in scope of delivery: Set of bath feet is not supplied as standard.. Diameter: 52 mm

Material Acrylic
Form Offset



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