Acrylic and Quaryl® – easy-clean surfaces.

Brimming with positive features

The shower trays from Villeroy & Boch are made from sanitary ceramic or high-quality plastics such as acrylic or Quaryl® – the baths are available in acrylic or Quaryl®. Quaryl® is a mixture of the finest ground quartz and acrylic. This exclusive Villeroy & Boch innovation combines all the quality benefits of acrylic and quartz. Consequently, as well as providing impressive design and comfort performance, Quaryl® products are also distinguished by their great durability, precise installation and easy care.

Both acrylic and Quaryl® are very easy to clean, thanks to their non-porous and completely smooth surfaces. All that is needed to maintain their shine is regular cleaning using a sponge and a liquid cleaning product suitable for plastic materials such as acrylic.

Vinegar-based cleaning products or special limescale removers can be used to easily remove limescale marks. To remove lipid-replenishing substances, use an alkaline cleaner, for example, normal washing-up liquid.

Both surfaces are resistant to all common household chemicals.

Extra tip:

Minor damage, such as small scratches or burn marks, on solid-colour plastics like acrylic or Quaryl® can be rectified easily.

In the case of acrylic, use a standard acrylic care set available in retailers to treat minor surface impairments. Sandpaper (no. 1000 or 1200) and fine steel wool can also be used to remove minor superficial damage. Sand the area carefully (to avoid impairing its appearance!) in a lengthwise direction until the surface colour is even once again. Follow the same process for shiny surfaces. In cases of deeper damage, requiring filling, you will also need the acrylic repair set (item no. UCREP0037 for the colour white). Once the repair is complete, use polish, metal polish or car polish to buff up the shine. If you have any questions, please contact your specialist sanitaryware retailer or installer.

In the case of Quaryl®, please ask your sanitaryware retailer or installer to contact our technical customer service department.

Contact addresses can be found on the Internet at https://www.villeroy-boch.co.uk/dealer-locator/bathroom-and-wellness
or by telephone: +49 (0) 68 64 -81 - 0.

Whirlpool systems

Villeroy & Boch whirlpools meet stringent safety and hygiene standards. To guarantee hygiene, some models are equipped with special nozzles or a fully automatic cleaning system. This system is triggered automatically as soon as the bath water has drained. The pipes are then blown dry. This blow-drying step can also be activated manually. For example, if any water gets into the system when cleaning the bath.

To guarantee safe operation, all water-carrying whirlpools are equipped with a special hair trap which stops the water extraction process if the drain becomes blocked.

The right cleaning method

We recommend monthly cleaning using a good whirlpool cleaner. Mild commercial bathroom cleaners can be used without damaging the surfaces. Do not use abrasive products, coarse sponges or cloths. Remove stubborn stains using a sponge and a suitably diluted non-scratch liquid cleaning product. An appropriate decalcifying product is the best method for removing limescale marks. Before using a cleaning product, test it in an inconspicuous place to make sure it will not damage your bath or fittings. Visible components of the whirlpool, such as nozzles, etc., can be removed before cleaning (see the User Guide for more detailed instructions).

Sound advice for every scenario

Limescale marks are left by evaporated water, e.g. in areas of hard water or in exposed places in WC systems. Alkaline cleaning products (=containing soap) increase the adherence of limescale marks. Use an acidic cleaning product (= containing acid) to quickly remove them. For example, vinegar essence - a tried-and-tested, inexpensive and safe solution.

Soaps, cosmetics, shampoos and other soap-forming products contain lipid-replenishing substances which are removed most effectively using a soap-based cleaning product (e.g. normal washing-up liquid).

Dulling of shine or a matte appearance indicate higher levels of lime soap deposits. Thorough cleaning with a vinegar-based product or special limescale remover will restore the shine.

To clean toilet seats made from solid-coloured Duroplast, simply use a damp cloth. If required, you can also use a commercial non-scratch, non-corrosive household cleaner suitable for use with plastics.

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