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Toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

It is essential, yet often lives in the shadows: the toilet seat. Yet there are so many different models with useful functions and impressive aesthetics. At best, the design of the toilet seat blends seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom or toilet fittings, or its bold colour adds a striking touch.

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Toilet seats – selection criteria

To find the right toilet seat at the right price, you should think about what you want beforehand and take a few points into consideration. Basically, a toilet seat has to match the size, shape and colour of the toilet. You can also choose from a wide range of materials that not only vary in price, but also in comfort, stability and durability.

Antheus toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

Dimensions and size

You need to know the measurements and size of your toilet seat when choosing a new one. A seat that is too small can slip sideways. And if it’s too large, it will protrude over the edges of the toilet. So take exact measurements of your toilet to determine the right length and width.

Toilet length & width

Measure the length from the centre of the rear drill holes to the front outer edge of the bowl.

Determine the exact width by measuring the widest point between the two sides of the toilet, again from one outer edge to the other.

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Subway 2.0 from Villeroy & Boch

Distance between the holes

You also need to know the exact distance between the holes at the back of the toilet bowl: measure the length between the centre of both holes. However, many toilet seats are equipped with an attachment system, which allows you to accommodate a difference of a few centimetres. This is why you have more flexibility when it comes to the distance between the drill holes than with the fixed size of the toilet seat.


The toilet seat and toilet need to have the same basic shape to ensure a perfect fit. Three toilet bowl and toilet seat shapes are at the forefront:

Oval toilet seats

Oval toilet seats create a very tidy impression. The curved lines look elegant without drawing attention to themselves.
This is why oval toilet seats blend beautifully into practically any environment.

D-shaped toilet seats

The most common toilet seats are D-shaped. Wall-mounted toilets in particular tend to deviate from the classic oval shape. Looking at the toilet from above, it looks like a “D” on its side, with the straight side at the back to align itself smoothly with the wall. Therefore, a matching D-shaped toilet seat radiates a modern, harmonious overall look.

Square/rectangular toilet seats

Straight-lined toilets, i.e. with a square or rectangular shape, look even more modern. These models also have matching toilet seats and lids that embrace their straight profile.

Toilet seats with comfort features

Modern toilet seat systems from Villeroy & Boch often provide additional comfort features such as a closing mechanism or quick release attachments for easier cleaning.

Toilet seats with a soft closing mechanism

A toilet seat with a soft closing mechanism has springs or rotational dampers built into the hinges to prevent the lid or seat from closing with a bang. This not only reduces noise emission, but is also important in households with small children as the slow movement reduces injury risk. Furthermore, it protects the surfaces of the toilet seat and toilet.

Toilet seat from Villeroy & Boch

Easier cleaning with quick release

Toilet seats have to be cleaned regularly, just like the toilet itself does. And that can be so easy when you have a toilet seat with the QuickRelease feature. It allows you to remove the seat from the toilet quickly and easily and without any tools to then clean it separately. If you are looking for maximum comfort, then you should choose a toilet seat with a closing mechanism and quick release feature.