ViClean-I 100

Ingeniously discreet. Refreshingly pleasant.

ViClean-I 100

Experience the unique fresh sensation for yourself

"The Villeroy & Boch shower toilet, attractively designed in the style of a conventional toilet“

Water is synonymous with well-being. Experience gentle cleansing with warm water and enjoy a pleasant shower-fresh sensation. Thanks to the ViClean-I 100 shower toilet system, you can enjoy that same pleasantly fresh feeling after using the toilet.
ViClean-I 100 includes a bidet feature that provides a warm and gentle spray of cleansing water. All you then need to do is simply dry yourself using a soft towel or toilet paper. This protects the skin, provides intimate cleansing and offers ultimate hygiene.

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The VICLEAN-I hower-toilet is the perfect choice for anyone with very stringent requirements for comfort and quality. This model offers even greater comfort. The ViClean-L combines functionality with an organic design inspired by the contours of a leaf.

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