Meloui dough:

• 10 tablespoons semolina
• 1½ cups flour
• About 1 cup lukewarm water
• 1 teaspoon dry yeast
• 1 teaspoon salt


• 1¼ cup almonds
• 1¼ cup honey (liquid)
• 1¼ cup argan oil

Meloui with amlou and currants


1. Mix the flour, semolina, dry yeast and salt in a bowl and slowly add the water so that a smooth dough is formed. Knead everything well, because this spreads the dry yeast evenly.

2. Now rub your hands lightly with cooking oil (sunflower oil is best suited for this because its flavor is not so intense). With your hands, part the dough into four to eight equal parts (depending on what size you want your meloui to be) and form into sausages about 4" long with a diameter of ¾". Then roll out each portion from a diameter of ¾" to a diameter of 4".

3. Next, rub the dough with margarine and roll it up again. This gives the dough its typical snail shell pattern. To make it flatter, take a plate and press each 'snail' from both sides, making it half as flat again, before pan frying until golden brown.

4. For your amlou: First, dry roast the almonds in their skins in a pan and finely grind them in a blender. Now sieve the fine almonds into a bowl, then slowly and consistently stir in the oil and honey. With everything folded together, whisk the mixture until homogenous. Now the amlou is ready to be filled into small glasses or a larger dish. Meloui and amlou can now be served together on a plate. Enjoy!