3 Portions

• 1 round white bread loaf or typical Majorcan “pa moreno” black bread
• 10 to 15 ramallet tomatoes
• Salt & olive oil

Pa amb oli


1. Cut the bread in half using a large knife, then cut finger-thick slices and toast the whole lot. Majorcans have a special frying pan for this, but in case you don't have one, you can either place the bread slices on the grill or use a normal skillet.

2. The tomatoes for an authentic pa amb oli are roasted on an iron grill over glowing embers. For those without an iron grill, a light pan-roasting will do instead. Cook the tomatoes separately from the bread.

3. After cooking, rub the tomato halves on the toasted bread slices until they are completely soaked with the juice of tomatoes.

4. Next, sprinkle salt to taste and drizzle olive oil carefully all over. The classic pitchers, are ideal for this, and are available for both oil and vinegar.

5. With your pa amb oli you can serve sea fennel, capers, garlic, good cheeses and also rich ham.