Soup Passion

Sophisticated soup dishes with added extras

Soup dishes are popular all over the world and are as varied as the countries themselves. And each soup is served differently – the Japanese prefer lots of fresh garnishes, while the Spanish like their soup cold and the Germans put everything in one bowl. It is just as well that Soup Passion has the right bowl to suit every taste.


Ovenproof tureen with an integrated
recess for a soup ladle

The soup tureen with lid is ideal for serving all kinds of soup – whether Asian or European. The large tureen is ideal for serving larger quantities, for example, for party soups. The small tureen holds a single portion. Both sizes have a practical handle.

Keep warm for longer

The lid keeps the soup warm for longer –
with an  integrated recess for a soup ladle



The handles allow you to easily carry the
soup – from the oven to the table


Pleasure to the last spoonful

From broth to vegetable soup or stew – every good soup has its own garnish. The soup bowl is designed to allow you to serve them both together and savour every last drop. The sloping base of the larger bowl causes the remaining soup to pool together – allowing you to enjoy every  last spoonful . The smaller bowl with an ergonomic handle is ideal for holding bread, fresh herbs, vegetables or other tasty garnishes.


The smaller bowl is ideal for accompaniments
such as bread – and has a practical ergonomic shape.


Spoon out

The sloping base allows you to enjoy
every last drop of soup


With an integrated groove to rest
chopsticks and a spoon


A useful tray for serving the soup bowl


Soup pleasure Asian style

Cutlery rest

With  an integrated groove in the rim to rest
chopsticks or Asian spoons


Ideal for a starter or miso soup

The Asia bowl with lid is a perfect choice for lovers of soups from the Far East A matching serving tray and  an integrated groove in the bowl are ideal for resting chopsticks and a spoon. The  lid can be used to serve your choice of Asian garnishes, such as tofu or coriander. It also keeps the soup warm for longer. To make the soup taste twice as good.


Matching lid for soup garnishes and
toppings – soup stays warm for longer


Cutlery rest

With an integrated groove in the rim
to rest chopsticks or Asian spoons


Everything for soup lovers