Stylish cutlery settings for your dining table

for a tasteful arrangement

As well as fine porcelain plates, stylish cutlery adds the perfect finishing touch to a tasteful table setting. From a formal dinner to a hearty family breakfast - cutlery arrangements follow set rules. A faux pas in the setting detracts from the harmonious effect of an otherwise carefully presented table. Things may become a little more difficult when a menu consists of several courses. With more items involved, it is easy to lose sight of the correct sequence and arrangement for cutlery and plates on the table. Read on to find out how to create stylish and correct cutlery settings according to the sequence of your menu.

How to create an attractive table setting – Silverware arrangement

Silverware place setting follows a clear system: in the case of a dinner consisting of several courses, arrange the cutlery according to the sequence of the menu - working from the outside towards the inside. Items of cutlery to be picked up with the right hand are placed on the right, eating implements for the left hand are placed to the left of the plate, with the place setting in the centre. In just a few seconds, our video explains how to arrange cutlery correctly on the table:

Forks to the left of the place setting

If you are serving a tender piece of salmon, a fish fork is an essential item. This should be placed on the far left, as it will be used first - as the fork for the starter. The fork for the main course is then placed beside it - right next to the plate.

Knife and soup spoon to the right of the place setting

Place the soup spoon furthest away from the plate, with the fish knife in the middle. The knife for the main course should be placed right next to the plate - with the blade turned inwards towards the place setting.

Dessert cutlery above the place setting

You can place dessert cutlery above the underplate. In this case, the handle needs to point to the hand that will be used to pick up this item of cutlery: the prongs of the dessert fork point to the right, while the spoon points to the left.

Bread plate to the left of the cutlery setting

If you are serving a fresh ciabatta or focaccia, place the bread plate to the left of the cutlery setting. The appropriate bread knife is placed on the right border.

How to set cutlery for left-handed diners

When it comes to setting cutlery for left-handed diners, the arrangement also follows the special rules. According to the Knigge etiquette guide, it is now permitted to discreetly  swap your cutlery at the start of each course to ensure the items are positioned correctly for you.

Setting the table for breakfast or coffee

Firm rules for cutlery settings do not simply apply to formal dinners. Even at a family breakfast, the correct setting creates a tasteful atmosphere at the table. For the breakfast setting, only the knife is placed on the right, in an imaginary line with the lower edge of the plate. Place the teaspoon or coffee spoon on the saucer beside the cup. The handle needs to be parallel to the handle of the cup to create a harmonious effect.

When setting a coffee table, a similar rule applies: a pastry fork is an essential item for sweet treats. This is also placed on the right, to allow your guests to pick it up quickly and easily.

Which cutlery for which dishes?

Knives, forks and spoons are basic cutlery items that can be found in every household, stylish companions in our everyday life. However, special meals and elegant events call for a variety of cutlery. Special cutlery meets specific requirements for certain dishes:

Fish cutlery:to effortlessly cut a tender fillet of fish
Steak knife:to carefully cut into juicy meat
Oyster and lobster fork:for stylish enjoyment of seafood

In particular, for special events it is important to set the appropriate cutlery for each dish. High-quality cutlery sets have the special feature of combining stylish design with functionality. Premium materials ensure a long life for your cutlery and protect it from rust.

For its cutlery sets, Villeroy & Boch uses a premium material produced in an elaborate process. A very wide spectrum of cutlery styles ensures the perfect set for every occasion and preference.

Place setting, table linen and cutlery
set the atmosphere

Classic cutlery is a basic component of any tableware set. As eating implements, the primary purpose of cutlery is stylish cutting and collecting of the food on the plate. Together with table linen and place settings, it sets the atmosphere for a meal and small mistakes in the cutlery setting can jar with the overall effect. To create a stylish look on your table, it is important to pay attention to the cutlery setting.

At formal evening events consisting of multiple courses, the arrangement of cutlery tells diners that they can expect several dishes. This ensures that your guests can leave some space for dessert after the starter and main course, rather than leaving it untouched.