Maintenace-free construction
Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are made of a durable, robust, fully enclosed and wood-free frame, Which prevents the penetration of moisture and pests: The Endura FrameTM.

EnduraFrame™ – The 100% Wood-Free Longlife Hot Tub Structure

From the ground up, your Villeroy & Boch hot tub is built with the utmost precision, using the best materials available. Each Villeroy & Boch hot tub is built on the patented EnduraFrame™ support structure, a sturdy moulded ABS spa frame made without wood or metal so it will never rot or corrode. Our state-of-the-art spa tub construction methods provide enduring support for your hot tub and the thousands of pounds of water it will hold. The moulded ABS EnduraBase™, EnduraBeam™ structural columns and other EnduraFrame™ components are precision aligned the exact same way every time with no human error. Forget your worries and focus on comfort and relaxation. Your Villeroy & Boch outdoor whirlpool is well built and worry free.

Quality, In What You See – and What You Don’t

Quality drives every decision in engineering a Villeroy & Boch outdoor spa. The design and engineering processes are second to none. It shows in what you see and what you don't. Components like the EnduraFrame™ are built with laser precision and assembled with care. Extra supports are even added in high-usage areas to strengthen overall hot tub integrity and to create an exact fit. As a part of the design, the composite moulded EnduraBase™ hot tub base has handholds for moving the hot tub, convenient electrical cable ducts for an easier electrical set-up, vents to keep out unwanted pests and an easy-access external drain.

Built Better Because We Care…

The Highest Quality in Every Detail. From the base all the way through to the smallest jet, Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are built to the highest quality standards. The goal of the manufacturing professionals and the entire company is operational excellence and quality for you, the hot tub owner. Our strict procedural approach to manufacturing greatly reduces the amount of variation or chance for errors in building your outdoor whirlpool.