Villeroy&Boch Elegance Line

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Available in three trim levels, the new Elegance Line sets an elevated standard for luxury, performance, and personalization.

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Thoughtful Seating

All layouts, seats, and jet placements in Elegance Line spas have been carefully re-evaluated to provide optimal therapy experiences for the largest variety of people and situations. This includes a thoughtful mix of seat depths in each model, improved seating ergonomics, better jet alignment, a focus on safe entry/exit, and enhanced premium seating in proximity to conveniences like auxiliary controls and cup holders.

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JetPaks – customised massage sessions

The JetPak Therapy System for Elegance Line includes 16 unique and interchangeable JetPak® massages to choose from so you can personalize your hot tub experience.

Select your preferred massages, place them in your favorite seats, move them from seat to seat whenever you like, and upgrade with a new JetPak at any time.

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The premium touchscreen control has been refreshed with improved icons and more legible notification text. The standard 8-button control has a refreshed overlay in coordinated colors with updated icons.​

All-new 3-function auxiliary controls, available with Elegance Line Plus and Select trim packages now allow the spa user to control jets, lights, and water features easily without leaving the comfort of their favorite seat. In addition, these controls are lighted for ease of use at night.​