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There are many reasons why it is worth investing in a high-quality hot tubl: you can get away from it all and enjoy some me time in your own garden, at any time of day and all year long; if you suffer from muscle tension, then you can treat yourself to a massage, in other words a hydromassage, in your own hot tub whenever you want; and thanks to the integrated heating, the water in the hot tub is always nice and warm, even in the dead of winter.

If you are thinking of buying a hot tub, then we recommend taking a look at the important information we have put together in this guide. As the different manufacturers and models not only differ in price, but also in the fittings and finish. Don’t make false economies and always compare the purchase price in relation to quality and energy efficiency: high quality ensures that you will be able to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come and high energy efficiency keeps the running operational costs at a constant low level. 

What do you have to consider when buying a hot tub?

Hot tubs from Villeroy & Boch

When deciding on a specific model, it makes sense to consider a few basic aspects beforehand. For instance, where you want to place your hot tub exactly. As the location has a determining influence on your bathing experience, it should be selected with great care. Read more about the “choice of location”.

A robust supporting construction made from a durable material is just as important as the quality and design of the fitted piping, pumps and jets. The quality of a hot tub from Villeroy & Boch will most certainly meet your expectations – and that in every respect: with regard to the design as well as comfort, maintenance and cleaning, stability and energy consumption.

We have put together a few key aspects that you should take into consideration when planning to buy a hot tub. For instance, how large the hot tub should be, which additional functions you might want and how often you plan on using the hot tub. 

How many people are going to use it?

Unlike a classic bath, a hot tub has space for several people. Even the smallest versions can be used by up to 3 people at the same time; larger models provide twice the space. In short: a hot tub offers wellness, rest and relaxation for all the family, with friends or guests.

The tub is built in such a way that it provides comfortable seats and reclining seats at the massage jets. For this reason, each model clearly specifies the maximum amount of people who can use the pool at the same time. And that’s why it makes sense to think about how many people you want to share your hot tub with beforehand. Especially as this decision also determines the size of the entire hot tub, because the more people using it at the same time, the larger the tub also has to be.

What functions should be integrated?

A hot tub is not only a place in the garden or conservatory where you can enjoy a hot soak whenever you want. Rather, it is a private spa with comfort functions, where you can relax or have a massage. Or you can simply use it now and then to escape from the everyday. 

The jets installed under the water, through which a combination of air and water is pumped, are vital for the quality of the massages and hydrotherapy. Depending on the model, they provide a gentle massage or release deep muscle tension. Most Villeroy & Boch hot tubs are fitted with innovative JetPaks that take on this role. They are removable massage units that you can position and configure as desired. You can combine your preferred jet combination with your favourite seat in the hot tub – yet you are completely flexible as you can retrofit the JetPaks to suit your needs, even while using it.

As it is easy to lose track with up to 18 different JetPaks, depending on the model, we have divided them into 3 groups:

  • Wellness Flow Therapy: these JetPaks provide maximum relaxation to your body and mind with the perfectly positioned neck jets. Whether it's the Oscillator, Neck Masseuse, Cascadia or Reliever – these JetPaks release tension, and that not only on the surface, but also deep in your tissue. 

  • Sport Flow Therapy: these are rotating, massaging and kneading jets, which release muscle tension and strengthen the muscles. You can choose between various JetPaks that gently yet effectively jet away all kinds of tension. 

  • Relax Flow Therapy: another 4 JetPaks that can be switched from a power massage to a gentle relaxing massage at the push of a button. Recommended for relaxing and releasing tension in muscle groups that are regularly stressed. 

You can replace the JetPaks quickly and whenever you want, so you are free to rearrange your favourite seat in the hot tub however and whenever you like. And if desired, you can expand your selection of JetPaks over time and integrate new functions in your private spa. The Premium Line and Comfort Line also have seats with different depths. So you can use the right seat for your height, where you can be perfectly massaged in precisely the region you want.

How often is the hot tub going to be used?

The hot tubs from Villeroy & Boch have been designed to be used throughout the year thanks to their structure, sophisticated construction and perfect heat insulation. The full-foam insulated body can retain the heat of the water significantly better, therefore providing the best energy efficiency. You can also use your hot tub in winter and be massaged in pleasantly warm water even when surrounded by freezing temperatures and snow – or simply relax and enjoy the heat. 

So when considering which hot tub you want to buy, you should think about the frequency of use and the season in which you plan on using it. And if in doubt, choose a high-quality model, even though at first it will be more costly to purchase. Because if you take its entire service life, quality pays off many times over: thanks to lower operational costs, longer durability and a unique bathing and pool experience – every day if you want.

The right design for every home

Are you looking for a hot tub whose understated design beautifully harmonises with contemporary architecture? That doesn’t need any fuss, and therefore creates a visual highlight? The Villeroy & Boch hot tubs in the Design Line do precisely that and can even be placed on a patio with limited space. They are available in two sizes (for 3 or 5 people), in two different colours and with up to 6 different JetPaks. This is why these hot tubs are perfect for singles, couples and small families.

The Premium Line offers luxury complete with all the fittings: an individual colour scheme, numerous models (for 3 to 8 people) and perfect ergonomics. It comes with premium features with high-quality stainless steel jets, internal and external lighting, an illuminated waterfall and up to 7 JetPaks as well as a number of additional jets inside the tub to massage the feet, legs and hips. 

The Fitness Edition from Villeroy & Boch has been specifically designed for sports and fitness enthusiasts. With space for up to 8 people and up to 7 JetPaks as well as pumps that provide maximum technical capacity, these hot tubs are perfect for anyone who appreciates sports-specific massages. 

The Comfort Line hot tubs bring together high-end and innovative technologies, excellent design and a very unique quality – and that at favourable prices. Every model in the Comfort Line comes with the same high standards as our Premium hot tubs, such as the innovative JetPaks, of which up to four can be placed in a hot tub, depending on size.

The X-Series offers a top-class product at an entry-level price and also keeps to the high Villeroy & Boch standards without compromise, even without the JetPak system. These hot tubs score highly on comfort, design and innovation at a very attractive price. Depending on the model, they have space for 3 to 8 people. The high standard includes comfortable headrests, an illuminated waterfall and features that make water maintenance easier.

The future location

Choose the location of your hot tub so that the foundation can safely bear its weight when filled to maximum level as well as the weight of the people in the pool. Moreover, make sure that it can also be supplied with fresh water and power. Set up the hot tub so that you allow access for servicing. 

If possible, avoid placing the hot tub in a spot where it would be permanently exposed to direct sunlight, as UV light can fade or damage the cover or the housing. Don’t place your hot tub near or directly under trees as otherwise pollen, leaves and other material can easily pollute the water. Moreover, we recommend laying the access to the pool with concrete, concrete tiles or stones to prevent dirt, sand or foliage from getting into the hot tub. 

And not least, you should place your hot tub where you can enjoy the beautiful view and your privacy. This is why we recommend placing your hot tub as close to your house as possible so that the path to your hot tub is short, especially beneficial in winter. 

Power access

The electrical installation has to be carried out by a professional electrician and tested to ensure it works properly. It goes without saying that every single Villeroy & Boch hot tub is manufactured to all applicable standards and provides maximum protection from electric shocks. Please take note that our hot tubs operate on 220 V, but a 400 V connection is recommended for the full scope of functions and faultless operation. 

The foundation

Choose a level and horizontal spot as a location for your hot tub. It has to be able to permanently bear the total weight of the filled hot tub, which depending on the model can weigh up to 2,700 kg (in addition to the weight of the users). The foundation should not have any dips, sagging or uneven areas. Recommendable flooring is e.g. 

  • cast concrete 

  • concrete tiles and concrete stones 

  • fine gravel 

  • grit (max. 4 cm thick) 

  • prefabricated hot tub underlayment that you can get from your official Villeroy & Boch dealer. 

Please consult a qualified and approved builder before laying the foundation to evaluate the quality of the base. 

Delivery & installation

Please discuss all details regarding the delivery with your official Villeroy & Boch dealer. They will also take over the professional installation and then hand over the hot tub to you, ready to use. Your hot tub will be delivered in one piece and set up, therefore make sure that the delivery path is clear and without any obstructions. If ground-level transport is not possible, a crane can also be used to lift the hot tub and place it in its final destination. 

The flanging radius of the models in the Premium Line, Comfort Line and X-Series is 216 mm, the radius of the models in the Design Line is 64 mm. 

Please make sure to never expose a hot tub without any water in it to sunlight as that can damage the tub. This is why it is important to fill your new hot tub with water immediately after unpacking it or to protect it from direct sunlight with the packaging or included cover. 

If you have any questions about buying a hot tub that aren’t addressed in these FAQs, please contact an official Villeroy & Boch dealer. They will be happy to answer all of your questions as well as help you implement specific measures, if required.

Enjoy your Villeroy & Boch hot tub

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