Shimmering metallic effects

With its shimmering metallic effects, solid slate grey colour concept, a dash of Art Deco mixed with a hint of Sixties spirit, Modern Grace Grey is a top-league contender in the flamboyant tableware category. This eclectic and sophisticated pattern is quite literally dazzling, with taupe, gold and platinum adorning delicate premium bone porcelain – designed to satisfy even the most demanding quality standards

New York – magic, legend & an Art Deco pattern

From the Chrysler Building to Central Park and Fifth Avenue – Modern Grace Grey features the famous sights of New York in an abstract design. Inspired by the spirit of the 1960s, it adds a radical new twist: metallic dots transform from ethereal structures on glossy white porcelain to geometric arrangements on matt slate grey glaze.

Shimmering highlights

The Modern Grace Grey pattern evolves across the individual items in a fascinating effect: shimmering dots, apparently scattered at random, converge in geometric arrangements – against a backdrop of either white or slate grey porcelain. The solid colour concept and metallic dots gently ground the ethereal effect of the design – and add a hint of retro chic.

Modern Grace Grey Flat plate 27x27cm

Modern Grace Grey Salad plate uni 23x23cm

Modern Grace Grey Deep plate 24cm

Modern Grace Grey Salad plate 23x23cm