The Villeroy & Boch tiles shown are licence products from V&B Fliesen GmbH


Porcelain stoneware with the charm of traditional terrazzo

Popular even in antiquity, in frequent use in the 1920s and a trendy interior look today – terrazzo is a floor covering with a history. With their typical small and larger inclusions of fine pigment, these robust floors inspired Villeroy & Boch Tiles to create a special porcelain stoneware series: SPARKS unexpectedly reinvents the charming artisanal terrazzo style on elegant, large-format tiles.




With its exquisite, large-format terrazzo designs, the SPARKS porcelain stoneware concept by Villeroy & Boch Tiles is a delight. These high-quality tiles interpret the charm of the artfully cast floors in a classic yet contemporary way. This makes SPARKS perfect for floor designs in modern settings with an appreciation for historical references and traditional, artisanal techniques. 

At the same time, SPARKS offers all the benefits of a ceramic covering: Thanks to the easy-care VilbostonePlus finish the tiles are particularly easy and water-efficient to clean, not to mention exceedingly robust, light- and colourfast, and extremely durable. 

The detailed designs of SPARKS are available in two colour schemes, each with larger and smaller structures and graining: pearl grey and moon grey present warm shades, while city grey and cosmic black have a rather cool personality. 

The elegant and large 120 x 120 cm format creates harmonious tile surfaces with few joints, very authentically imitating the special aesthetics of their historical role models.