The bigger the better

Attractive interior design with XXL tiles

A look at current home living magazines or websites and blogs relating to the home and furnishings shows that large-format tiles, that is, tiles with an edge length of 60 cm, 90 cm or even 120 cm, represent a highly popular trend at present. This is understandable, as large formats enable particularly attractive designs for wall and floor surfaces. As less unsightly joints are necessary than in the case of small formats, the surfaces have a calm and seamless appearance. When the joints are finished tone-in-tone with the tile colour, this produces a discreet joint pattern, further enhancing the surface's harmonious character. And, the larger the tiles, the more impressive the effect becomes, as the large formats lend rooms a spacious appearance and conjure up a particularly prestigious, high-quality setting.

Carsten Johann, Head of Product Management at Villeroy & Boch Tiles, explains: "Large-format tiles have long been a popular choice above all among architects in the commercial sector. But ever more private building owners and renovators are now also discovering the merits and options offered by XXL tiles throughout the home." Villeroy & Boch Tiles offers a broad selection of high-quality tile ranges featuring large formats which enable individual and stylish designs in living areas and bathrooms. All the current trends are covered, from a natural stone look through classic marble look to purist surfaces suggesting a cement or concrete finish.

Spacious living areas

Large-format tiles are ideal for large, open living areas. The OREGON floor concept in vilbostone porcelain stoneware is just the thing for those who value a natural home environment.

OREGON is designed as a mix of different natural stone looks that create an individually patterned, animated surface effect. The bright colours and discreet relief further underline the natural charm of OREGON.

Purist character

The purist character of silk-matt concrete in combination with a variety of structures creates a distinctive effect on surfaces featuring extensive areas of tiling.

The PURE LINE wall and floor concept in vilbostone porcelain stoneware is a high-quality design range that opens up vast creative scope for cutting-edge design solutions in up-market home interiors.

Generous stairways

The BERNINA tile range, inspired by the mica quartzite from the Swiss Grison mountains, combines harmonious shades of colour and a fine sandy surface texture with a subtle shimmer.

 The broad selection of colours and formats makes this a highly versatile range in vilbostone porcelain stoneware offering broad scope for installation on walls and floors. As a particularly attractive option, the large stair tiles can be used to lend large staircases a particularly prestigious appearance.

Showcasing small work areas

A modern home work area can be created in a minimum of space. Large-format tiles provide ideal floor coverings to lend small corners a suitably high profile.

From the LUCERNA range, for example, whose design combines various surface textures in slate look with the variegated veining of marble. The result is an expressive design in vilbostone featuring a fresh interpretation of natural stone.

The WAREHOUSE porcelain stoneware range can be used for the floor and walls to create a work area with a particularly modern character. The WAREHOUSE vilbostone porcelain stoneware range is designed as an authentic simulation of cast concrete featuring a subtle used look which seems to have developed over a number of years.

Special highlights of this range are the décor tiles, whose "used" design was inspired by historical Mettlach tiles.

The bathroom as a wellness oasis

The more spacious a bathroom feels, the greater its wellness effect. When sufficient space is available for a large bathroom, large-format tiles fit the bill to perfection.

With its high-quality marble look, diverse textures and varied colours, the ASTORIA porcelain stoneware range exudes a particularly natural character. In grey tones with décor tiles featuring geometric patterns, these tiles lend the room a timelessly modern air.

The design of the ASTORIA porcelain stoneware range is inspired by Jura marble. The basic tiles of the warm colour line in the beige-brown range can be combined with classic cut décors featuring round shapes which create interesting patterns on floors and walls. The dining area acquires an impression of depth and spaciousness and becomes a visual highlight.

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